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      info re medical notes


      I wondered if anyone could help me with this...

      How much medical information from your GP are you taking with you or aren't you?

      I plan to get copies of all of my children's notes and as mine are like the encyclopedia Britannica, just the last 10 years for me. Any feedback ?


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      Hi Libby,

      I haven't got that far myself yet but from reading what other people have done it seems to vary from the full monty at one end of the scale to just the kids red books at the other. It's probably worth getting records of any recent or relevant specialist treatment just to be on the safe side and put your own mind at rest.

      Hope this helps
      Jen :D

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      Might also be worth a visit to the dentist, like the UK its private in Oz so if you are allowed the notes its well worth taking them :)

      Keep everything safe to in the hand luggage

      Take care
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      We are taking Dawns red book and that is it and nothing major in any of our historys. Seems to be a different way of working with doctors over there where you don't have a set one as you do in the uk and seem to be able to go anywhere :lol:


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      medical notes

      Hi every one,
      I bought all my medical notes and my daughters with me even though we have no major problems with health and it was a waste of time paying to get them . I went to the doctors here to register and he did not want to see them he just asked every thing he neede to know and did it on the computor, the same with the dentist when the girls went they do it there way and dont want to see any records from the uk.
      One good thing here my girls get the gardasil vaccine against cervical cancer at school and i can get it for $150 a shot you need 3 over several months it stops the 2 strains of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancer[strains 16 and 18].So unless you have problems with your health i would not bother with your records.
      hope this helps, by the way i have a wonderful doctor here.
      bye for now Hayls



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