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      Hi Eddie and Angie

      The bond is $100,000 dollars and you gain 5 points, towards your point total. This is lodged with the government for 12 months.

      Hope this helps


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      Hi Eddie and Angie

      Motor mechanics are on the MODL (skills in demand list) so you should have sufficient points for a visa without having to pay a bond. Your agent would be able to tell you how many points you have, which visa you are applying for and if a bond would need to be paid.

      We are going on an SIR495 visa and have not paid any bond.
      Lisa :D

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Goodes
      Apart from the equity in the house we only have a few hundred quid a month and a credit card to pay for things as they might be asked for.[/quote]

      I know the feeling. :( It could be worth considing (depending how much equity you have) once you have passed your TRA selling up and renting until you leave. This way you will have the money ready when asked for medicals and stuff, Have paid off any debts to credit cards etc and not have the frustration of no one buying your house once you have the visa.


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      Hi Libby,
      wow you sound really organised and calm. Good luck with the last minutes arrangements (you too Lisa) If we get there next year - we will definitely be up for drinkies (tea, wine, beer ... :D) It's lovely weather at the moment but I keep thinking, imagine being in the sun in Adelaide by those gorgeous beaches.

      Hope the journeys go well with the kids - look forward to reading first impressions

      Cari :D

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      where will you stay

      hi libby, great news to hear you are finally on your way. reading your posts has been like following a soap on T.V!
      just one question, where will you stay when you get there and do you have the temp accomodation set up? do you you have a suburb in mind that you like?

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      Hi all

      Thanks for your comments - chillyanna, sometimes I feel I was born to be a diva!

      I have OAA set up for when I arrive, just waiting to hear an address. Most of the news has come through on a Friday for us so if I don't hear before then I won't panic. Once I know, I will let you know as I am sure I will be panicking.

      We have been looking at suburbs like Seaford, Christies Beach, Noarlunga, Willunga, Aldinga, West Beach, Halletts Cove, Morphett Vale etc.

      I know Tyke likes Morphett Vale alot as he lives there (lol) and there seems to be alot going on in Noarlunga from what I can gather online. I have never been to Adelaide though so not sure. We arrive next Friday and once he have a car, we will be looking around. We need to make sure it is good for the kids as well as close to good schools (Em is 13 and Sophie is 10).



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