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      The Waite Family

      Take the pets or send for them later?

      Have read quite a few conflicting stories about renting if you have pets. So we are not sure whether to take our dogs with us or send them to France to live with my sister and send for them when we have bought somewhere probably 6 months to a year after we arrive. By that time my sister and her husband will probably not want to part with them

      She really hates cats and will definitely not look after thomas for us but have read some worrying stories about cats in Oz and don't know what to do with him. He is 9 years old with pins in his legs (has been run over twice) but he absolutely hates being enclosed, whether its in a cat carrier, the cattery or even in the house. He is a hunter and always has been. He has brought home a few 'presents' for us and once regurgetated a blackbird on the landing carpet .

      I have heard that in Oz cats are supposed to be kept indoors and not allowed to roam or they could get sent to the pound. He is definitely not an indoor cat and would hate it if he couldn't go outside. He is so friendly and wonders in and out of a few of my neighbours homes but I realise that not everyone likes cats and if he did that in Oz he might be classed as a nuisance.

      Am I worrying for nothing or would it be kinder to leave him at home where one of the neighbours would be happy to have him.

      Is there any kind of law in Adelaide that states exactly what cat owners are expected to do?

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      It is an awful predicament to be in. We should know, we had to make that decision too. We decided that as all our cats are getting on a bit (10-12 years old)it wasnt fair on them to transport them, make them stay in quarantine for 3 months then have to fly over to Melbourne to pick them up. Also I was worried about the wildlife over there and what would happen if they tried to eat a red back or a snake.
      When I visited Adelaide in 2006 in general the Aussies didn't like cats as they said the cats were destroying their own wildlife. Not sure about actual laws over there but I have heard that they have to stay indoors too. But as hard as it is going to be I have found homes for my 2 cats and I know that they will be happy over here. It sounds like your cat would have a terrible time adjusting to life indoors in Oz.

      Good luck with your decision


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      At the moment there are no laws about cats. If you live in the metro areas you shoukdn't have any problems. Further out there are problems with feral cats, which grow quite large and can be aggressive. Australians love their cats just as much as anyone else and some have a couple. Yes they may kill a few birds or rats everynow and again, but if you live in the towns or the city it isn't much of a problem.
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      Don't have cats myself but I do worry about the ones on our street - they are always going down the drains where the snakes are. I know a lot have been bit and died.


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