Hey guys how u all doing . I just need some of information on 489 visa . First of all I have applied for Ss nominated 3 may Friday night ' today 13 may 2013 in the morning got invitation to apply for 489 visa which I also already applied applied today just need to attach some documents to finish of the application . Things that I need to ask are :-

1 ) first thing about medical examination before when I applied for my TR I already went through PR medical examination just need to know how can I attach my reports to my application as I can't open the reports envelop it's written DO NOT OPEN on document as if I can't open that how I can scan and attach the medical copies to my application and its not year old yet

2) second point I wanna ask as I think I have done a mistake while filling the application online when they were asking if I have any other name or have been know with any other name in the past I said no but before to Australia I do not used to put my surname behind my name as all my old documents r without surname any ideas how can I undo this mistake

3) third point in the application they are asking for certificate of birth as I don't have any birth certificate can I give any other document ? Showing DOB ?

If anyone has any ideas about what I m asking plz let me know . It will be much appreciated

Surinder Singh jaswal