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      Medicals in Devon

      Can anyone recommend where to get medicals done in Devon. We are currently living in Exeter. If it isnt too rude to ask can anyone that been through them give us an idea of what the cost was.


      Martyn and Melanie

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Martyn and Melanie.
      Me and the missus are in Saltash.
      We had our meds in Tavi and chest xrays at the Nufield by deriford.
      matt & mandy + 2 dogs

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      Hi we are also in Exeter, I was wondering what is required for medicals and do all the private hospitials know what is required?

      We are prepared to travel if necessary and would any one have idears on costs, we are a family with 2 adults and 2 small children.

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      There is a list on the Australian Immigration website of places that you can go to get your meds done. I rang a few Tavistock, Taunton and Yeovil and Taunton were by far the most helpful on the phone so they got my vote.

      I have my medicals on Monday coming so will be able to say more after that but from memory they quoted 80 for the x-ray, 30 for HIV test and 140 for the main medical.

      Just got to get around to filling the forms in this weekend.................

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      cornish Busdriver
      Gotta say.
      we had ours meds done at tavi and xrays at the nuffield by deriford and they explained the full process in great detail and were realy friendly and helpfull.


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