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      welders views

      Hi Guys

      My O/H has asked me to ask if anyone is or knows any welders down under. Would like to know any information anyone can give. Hope you can . He is under no illusions of maybe starting lower than where he is. Any info much appreciated.



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      Hi Jen

      We don't personally know any welders in oz but my OH is a metal polisher. A friend of ours from oz recently came in to see him and said there are a lot of fabrication shops in Adelaide and seem to always be on the look out for metal trades.

      Lisa :D

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      Thanks Lisa

      are you getting excited


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      Hi Jen
      In between running round the house like a headless chicken (and not really getting anything done :roll: ) We are getting excited now :D

      Starting to feel very real and more than anything at the moment I am looking forward to 5 days just chillin in Singapore :D




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