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      Medicals - how long do they take to process?

      Hi everyone,

      Just wondering about people's experiences of how long it took for their medicals to be processed/ finalised in Australia from the date their medical was done in the UK.

      My husband's, mine and our toddler's medicals were done at the end of November 2007. I was pregnant at the time and therefore could not have my chest x-ray done. Hubbie's and toddler's medical were finalised on December 31st 2007.

      Our new baby was born early January. New baby's medical plus my chest x-ray done 18th February 2008. These were posted on 19th February (by normal post). On the web page for 'check progress of application' it said these were received on March 20th 2008, FOUR WEEKS later! Baby's medical has been finalised but my medical STILL has not! Am in perfect health so really don't know why they are taking SOOO long and why my medical was not processed at the same time as my baby's/ everyone else's back at the end of last year!

      Really, really frustrated! It's the only thing that is holding our visa up now!


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      We also had our medicals on feb 18th at handsworth wood in Birming,ham there was someone there with a baby, Was that you? We had email from LCU last week stating medicals had been processed. You can email them at LCU@immi.gov.au include info such as name, DOB, Passport number, Visa type and details of courier details and you should get a response.


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      Hi Liz and Kris,

      Have just read you had your medicals done on the same day as our new baby, but it wasn't us you saw as we had ours done at the Hadwen Medical Centre in Gloucester.

      Congratulations on getting your visa today. Hope we are next!

      Sarah and John xx


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