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      The Goodes

      What have we done?

      Hi All

      We have been reading lots of your messages and it seems that many people have gone with an agency or advisary service etc.

      Last night we finally took the plunge and signed up with www.migrationexpert.com BUT with it only costing 150.00 we are now wondering "what have we done". Does anyone know whether we have joined a vetting agency (like postoffice passport check & send) or if they just filter out the forms we would need relevant to the information we have provided.


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      Do you have details on what is included for the 150? It sounds as though you have signed for a service where they tell you which visa you can go for and which forms you need to complete. They point you in the right direction but essentially you are doing the process without assistance.

      Have you done the right thing can only be answered by yourself - personally we had a free consultation with a few migration agents and then chose the one we felt most confident in (Go Matilda). They helped us completely from start to finish including filling forms from info we gave them and took most of the stress out of it. We wanted the peace of mind knowing all i's would be dotted and t's crossed with no nasty surprises popping up along the way :roll:

      In the end they really earnt their money as our application had a complicated skills assessment and a few hiccups with case officers at the end but they sorted it all :D


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      UMMMM we paid 150 quid to AMA, for a consultation, they gave us loads of advice and told us to go it alone.... if it all failed they then asked us to call them and they would take us on IF we felt we required an agent.

      Their advice was spot on and well worth that money!




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