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      Chasing up medicals with HOC, Sydney

      Hi there,

      Has anyone else contacted the Health Operations Centre (HOC) in Sydney to 'chase up' their medicals and enquire about how much longer they are expected to take?

      We did this last week and they did reply to our email but their email was so vague that we had difficulty interpreting it! This is what they sent (received 2nd April). Anyone able to decipher the meaning?!

      Dear John,

      Further to your email regarding your wifes medicals. Yes, they have
      referred to the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) for
      assessment on
      25 March 2008.

      Please note that MOC's are currently assesing the medicals received on
      March 2008.

      Any help appreciated,

      John and Sarah

      Jan ’07 – Decided we wanted to go and live in Australia!
      Feb ’07 – Teaching skills assessment sent off.
      Apr ’07 – Teaching skills approved.
      May 21st ’07 – Applied for South Australia sponsorship online.
      July 12th ’07 – Received sponsorship from South Australia.
      July 20th ’07 – Online visa application sent off.

      Oct 30th ’07 – Case officer allocated.
      Nov 20th ’07 – Medicals done and police checks sent.
      Feb 18th ’08 – Medical done for our new baby.
      Awaiting our visa ………………………………………………..
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