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      Sponsorship or not

      We were all along thinking of applying to SA for sponsorship for a 176 class visa. We have 120 points already and were wondering if the extra time spent applying, not to mention the paperwork, is worth the trouble? We know there is help provided for immigrants when you arrive if you have sponsorship, (and this does feel like a safety net) but is it worth it? Anyone have any advice? Ben is a nurse and I am a teaching assistant so jobs shouldn't be too hard to find. We have 3 kids.

      Thanks a lot
      Ben and Karen

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi. Ben and Karen.
      Me and the missus had the same dilemma, she's a theater nurse and software programmer and im a busdriver and software programmer / web and application designer.
      Missus decided to against sponsorship as its not a permenent resident visa and it possible that you might be asked to leave when you sponsorship is up, but i stress that not always and a rare case.
      She has got herself a job at the Calvary hospital and went though an agency and ive got a job at Transit Plus or Torrens transit as soon as i do my heavy ridged licence.
      Looking at the pro's and cons, not going the sponsorship route is best for us.
      Best of luck
      matt and mandy


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