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      A question for those who have their visa.....

      Hi there,

      A question to ask people who have their visas. How long after your medicals were finalised did you get your visa? We have just received an email from Health Operations, Sydney informing us that our one last outstanding medical for our family will be finalised on Wednesday this coming week (after a lot of emails badgering them for news!). Any help/information would be really appreciated!


      Jan 07 Decided we wanted to go and live in Australia!
      Feb 07 Teaching skills assessment sent off.
      Apr 07 Teaching skills approved.
      May 21st 07 Applied for South Australia sponsorship online.
      July 12th 07 Received sponsorship from South Australia.
      July 20th 07 Online visa application sent off.
      Oct 30th 07 Case officer allocated.

      Nov 20th 07 Medicals done and police checks sent.
      Feb 18th 08 Medical done for our new baby.
      Awaiting our visa ..

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      Hi Sarah,
      We had our medicals done on 10th March 2008 and visa was granted 1st April 2008

      Hope this helps

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      Hi Diane,

      Thanks for your reply. Your visa was quite quick to be issued after your medicals so that gives us hope! I only ask as we have sold our house and are moving in with the inlaws tomorrow. Obviously don't want to outstay our welcome there so I'm hoping we will get our visa soon!


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      Hi Sarah, Our medicals were sent 24th Jan, visa granted 6th March.
      Laura x

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      We had our medicals finalised on 30/3/08 and got our visas this week. I am sure you will get yours very soon.



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