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      Question Has anyone bought house before going to Oz?

      Hi, this is the first time I've posted on this site. Go on Poms in Oz but now we're getting pretty set on Adelaide so this site will be better!!

      My OH suggested buying a house out there before we come and I thought he'd gone crazy. But would save renting and may be good to buy ASAP due to increasing house prices.

      We applied for our visa last August (yeah one of these forgotten people by DIAC!!!) but hope to get it granted over the next few months.

      Any advice, ideas, experiences or recommendations of estate agents/builders of new properties would be hugely appreciated.

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      Wow It's been a while since I posted!, but yes we did and it worked out great for us, feel free to pm me for any advice.


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      I know Sarah (likesshopping) brought their beautiful house when she was in the UK, I'm not sure I could have been that brave but it has been done.


      This is one of the best sites for buying, renting & land for sale.

      Good luck
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      Nicky, Alan and Kids
      We have bought as well - but saying that we did have our visa, we have bought a new build and are moving into it in June when we arrive in Adelaide

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      Hi we bought our house before we came out here. We bought it last March and arrived this January so been here a couple of months now.

      Although we have no regrets on purchasing the house prior to coming out here as we have made money on the property already, we were completly missold the area. Our house is now on the market as the area we are in is not an area that we would have chose had we been out here and renting for while.

      Although we have made money on our house and this has helped us, i think that if we were honest and we had our time again, we would have come over and rented first. There are so many different places to live over here it is hard to get an area that is right for you until you are here and can see it all for yourself.

      It is now an awful lot more stress that we could probably do without when also trying to settle in, find work, new friends and not miss old friends and relatives.

      I dont know, my feelings are quite mixed on this post.

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      Nicky, Alan and Kids
      Really sorry you don't like the area are you in Smithfield at the moment? Hope you sell soon.


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      Hi there

      We too bought a house from the UK and are still in the UK. We have just returned from our Recci and lucky for the us the house is great. We didnt do it blind (sarah likeshopping) popped around to check it out for us. PM me if you need more details.

      Lots of people though we were mad us included when we signed but so far all is good and we are looking forward to comming to our new lives in Jan 09. The house is rented from the end of June from friends we have met on this forum.

      Kimberley x

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      What an interesting thread!
      Did you guys purchase a land and house package or did you buy land and then found the builder?
      Also-would you suggest who to go with? I've looked into the developers and liked Distinctive Homes- are they good?
      Hubby and I are talking about taking this route should things go to plan....

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      We sorted our house out from uk everything went well. It near andrews farm so not one of fashionable areas but when we went on reccie we were pleased with things. True there are some less desirable areas around but then again from what we saw these happen all across Adelaide to some extent, obviously some more so than others. Not near the beaches but we felt would give us a start. Never our intention to stay there as would like to buy another for us when we have settled in a bit and re rent it out. Fingers crossed!

      But overall we were pleased that we will have somewhere we know where to go when we step off the plane.

      The more research you do and if lucky enough to know people who can look at areas and offer opinion you can trust it is possible, it is still a "risk" it just depends what you want.
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      Thanks so much for all the honest advice guys!!!!!!!

      It seems to be a great idea but also very risky. Well done to those of you who this has worked for and better luck with next place, James. Will keep researching and have a think about it.

      Sorry another question - do most of the houses have pools in Adelaide?


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