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    Thread: Shopping & Fashion in Adelaide! Advice from PIA Ladies please .....!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Anne B View Post
      If you are short then go to Target at Fulham Gardens. Target do most trousers in S M and L sizes. There are a lot of Italians/Greeks around here, many of them are pretty short (I tower over them and I'm not that tall), so the shop is full of short length trousers. I need long trousers and finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

      Pack as much as you can and buy as much as you can in advance. Shopping for clothes here is a miserable business, unless you have loads of money.

      I don't ever wear my really thick winter coats from the UK (except for early morning football games). However, this morning I wore a thin jumper, fleece jacket and scarf, daughter had a 8.45 am lacrosse game - well I was way too hot! It never gets as cold as the UK outdoors, but indoors it is way colder!
      Hi Anne,

      Thanks - that's helpful to know about trouser length as i'm nearly 5'10 tall - so already have to buy longer length trousers for work and jeans from M&S or Next who do longer length versions! And i'm not one to buy really expensive clothes either ...... thanks everyone, i will ensure I arrive in Adelaide with a well stocked wardrobe for work and play in all the seasons.

      By the way, i had a look at the much talked about new M&S autumn range yesterday - smart casual gear - and have to say I was impressed, especially with the work clothes/dresses. Some great stuff ..... and accessories! Take a peek if you're on the look out for some new additions to your wardrobe, as some of it will walk quickly.

      Cheers, Petal X

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      Quote Originally Posted by Leeds1877 View Post
      We brought 12 suitcases! There are shops here and lovely boutiques etc. target and Kmart are like matalan or primark but not as up to the minute. There is a lot less emphasis on fashion but i love clothes and always have. I get asked at work all the time- where did you buy that top or shoes and I always reply- England! My advice is to stock up in the uk on nice pieces, go to the next sales and buy as much as you can bring. We bought loads of kids stuff and probably won't need to buy stuff for them for a good while.
      can I ask when you flew out with your cases were you given an increased luggage allowance or did you pay extra? or was it a bit of both? This is one of my many waking up at 3am panic moments thinking about not having enough clothing but especially my shoes for maybe 8 weeks post landing!!! OMG i'm having panic shakes just thinking about it again!! LOL.


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