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      We are also just starting out with our application to Adelaide and are from Leeds. We submitted our TRA yesterday so with any luck we are looking to move over next year. Did you go to the Leeds Expo as we were in Spain so missed it and wondered if it was any good as there is another in Rothwell soon but you have to pay to book your place.


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      Rob and Clare
      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      I found it hard to come up with generalised cons. Much easier to list the good bits.

      I'm way too much of an optimist for that kind of thing.
      Optimism is good, but you need to be realistic as well....

      The fact is some 60% of british migrants go back within a 5 year period, this has to be something to do with having unrealistic expections of life here.

      I can see some bad points about Adelaide and Australia as a whole, but to me those points are insignificant compared to England currently. For all of us though you have to weigh up if it's the right move for you, pro's and cons included.

      As for the washing, apparently this is the Poms who arrived in the 50's / 60's, so friends here love to tell me, as they only bath once a week. I just know after 4 weeks of getting the train from the north to the south i saw so many people (families included) who's skin and clothes made my sin crawl.. I don't get the shoe thing, during a night in glenelg we caught a car park lift with a young girl dressed up for a night out, she was barefoot and the lift stank like a toilet, to think she would tred that in her home etc made me gag. It no longer suprises me to see someone food shopping in Pyjama's at 8:00pm, and why are beards so popular ??? Have people not seen the Gillette adverts..... ha ha...

      These occurances are more common away from the city, but can still appear anywhere...

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      Yes I dont get the whole beard thing why in this climate would you ?

      And I can be an optimistic realist, I've been away from UK too long to know what it's like there now, this is my home and home gripes aren't necessarily important ones for people looking to come here.
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      Sailed SS Australis out of Southampton 1977.Arrived October in Adelaide via Melbourne 1977.Liverpool/London 1987 - 1992
      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.

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      To be honest, it all sounds pretty easily accepted. If shoeless people who need a bath are the worst Adelaide has to throw at me, after living in Nottingham all my life and having some crazy criminal set my house on fire at 3.30am whilst we were asleep upstairs, well, I guess I have made the right decision!!!

      Bring on the smelly shoeless and I'll live my life peacefully and happily. :D

      T xx

      PS - No Waitrose is a bit of a bummer though. :(

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      Are houses in general not kept well- which areas do you think that is true?

      House pride is a very admirable British quality that I have really appreciated here. Where about would you say houses are well kept?

      And what is the reaction of neighbours if you get busy mowing the lawn, doing up the exterior to improve the appearance of your home etc

      What about dressing kids in good clothes? Do they get marginalised for being trendy-and what about being trendy in general???

      Very curious

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      The Pottertons
      I think being house proud is great if its doable. I feel a lot of pressure to have the perfect home, cook fantastic meals, have spotless kids etc but to be honest its just not realistic with 2 kids and a part time job. I'm looking forward to the relaxed frame of mind people seem to have. If you've not managed to hoover its no big deal etc. If im more relaxed about running the perfect home then i'll have more time with the kids. i want to live my life not stay in cleaning whilst life passes me by. I know it sounds extreme but i do know people that literally kill themselves to be the perfect housewife and mother.
      Please dont think im a scruffy mare by this- my house is clean honest- but lived in!!!!
      But i must draw the line at no shoes! I like my feet soft!!! This post makes me sound crazy doesnt it!!! Yvonne x

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      jill wright
      How very well put Yvonne. I think theres far too much pressure here to have the house spot on,work fulltime (that is both of you) to keep up to the latest gadgets,designer clothes etc plus holiday abroad yearly. It can all get too much. I do hasten to add I do non of the afore mentioned but there again looking around me of course I do (apart from the spotless house I've got three kids) like most people in this country it creeps up on you without you noticing.

      Bring on Oz smelly feet and all


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      Oh, dear. I did not mean to say I subscribe to the "keeping up with the Joneses" but I do like a bit of effort in keeping my house presentable, without having to be obsessive compulsive.
      A half-decently kept exterior- and no grossness.
      I also agree having a house spic&span without paid help is unattainable. And I was not talking about designer clothes, but smartness in general. You can be smartly dressed in ASDA clothes after all!
      Please don't shoot me ;)

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      jill wright
      Not at all I do like a lovely, tidy house and like I said all my kids like trendy clothes which like I said you end up striving to get (just got my daughters prom dress as she leaves school to go to colloge soon cost me £300 ). It would just be nice to not feel as much pressure and the laid back lifestyle appeals thats all I meant

      I wasn't being critical of how anyone runs there home,what they buy etc


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      Quote Originally Posted by thelincolns View Post
      having a house spic&span without paid help is unattainable.
      I don't know what you mean our house is always spotless. ;)



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