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      820 Partner (Defacto) Visa

      Hi all,

      My partner and i are currently about to lodge our defacto visa after prooving evidene of living together and filling out all the required documents etc. We have attached bills, photos, house bond, Tenant agreements, Evidence of a joint bank account, Travel documents to show we have travelled together, an 80 form, a sponsor form, 3 888 forms and hand written a stat dec each. We will be going to the Adelaide Immigration office in two weeks. Is there anything else in which anyone would advise to add?

      Do we hand it in at the immigration office and pay?
      Do we have to do medical and police checks first or do they request that later on?

      What is the general process of all of this?

      Any advice would be great!

      Kind regards
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      Hello and welcome to the forum :)

      I replied to you already over on PIO.



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