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      457 Temporary Business Class Visa

      Hi all,
      I'm coming over in May on a 457 Visa (I have not worked for 16 months as I have been a stay at home dad) and have obtained sponsorship.
      Has anyone else used the 457 Visa? Could you give me your opinions on the pros & cons?
      I have heard somewhere that there may be tax benefits?
      Any responses would be greatly received!

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      Hi Dave,

      I'm seriously considering a 457 visa if i can find a sponsor and then go for permanent residency after the 2 year point.

      What line of business are you in and how did you manage to find a sponsor?

      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft

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      Ian & Tanya
      I'm going down the 457 route, as I don't get enough points :( , as my job (architectural assistant) is only worth 40 points, and nearing 40, the age is taking it's toil on the points.

      Anyway, I just wrote to architects, and now find myself with 4 job offers, and my wife and I are flying out in 3 weeks, for the interviews. We are stopping for 1 week :shock: and have interviews on 3 day's. All of the employers are willing to sponsor me, and are fully aware of the system.

      I would just get yourself a good CV, and write, write and write letters to potential employers. I would add, that they (in my experience anyway) will want to meet you before commiting. Which I only fair, as you need to meet them too. God forbid you go with a company who is awful to work with.

      As for pro's and con's. I would just say, if it get's you there then go for it.!!! It's our only way, and so we are biting the bullet.

      I hope this helps.





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