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      Getting UK qualifications formally recognised in Australia?

      OK we have our valid 189 visa and wanting to make the move soon however im looking to clear as many hurdles before leaving the UK hopefully meaning our landing in Oz should result in straight forward settlement into a new house, new job and new life.

      I have BSc (Hons) Degree in Building Surveying and I am Chartered Project Manager through Institute Of Building. The IOB operate in Oz and have confirmed this can transfer meaning I will remain fully Chartered. I have formal Health and Safety qualifications which I do not believe will transfer meaning I do loose some initials after my name which is a pity although I may enrol in a course shortly to obtain further H&S qualifications which are recognised in Oz.

      My question is regarding my degree, work experience and having the whole package formally recognised by potential employers. I have looked through the SA web sites and my head is spinning!! Im not a trades person however I am not sure if im a construction supervisor which does seem to be classified and requires recognition or am I a Project or Contracts Manager ie I don't get my hands dirty and plan the project (this is what I do now). My Visa was granted as a Project Builder and I have 17 years continuous and entirely relevant experience as a matter of interest.

      Help please

      Thames Migration appointed Jun12, VETASSESS passed July, EoI Aug12, IELTS retake 8.5 Sep12, EoI and 189 visa application Sep12, CO appointed Oct 12, Medicals, Police checks Nov12, Visa Granted 11/01/13. Now located in Brisbane, secured great employment and quickly establishing roots. Yes it really is the lucky country.

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      You could access this service......


      In your line of work (along with other lines of work) in Adelaide it can be a case of who you know, not what you know to gain work.

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      Get in touch with TAFE

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      Overseas Professional / Trade Quals.

      Yes the website: www.skills.sa.gov.au/training-learning/recognition is the best place to start.

      In particular they have a ten page PDF that covers most of the basics in something like English

      However, reading your message you already seem to have done that. Have you tried sending them a very specific couple of questions re your particular Qualification Package? -They do employ people who can answer questions without asking you more questions...

      at the very least, you will need :

      • pre-migration assessments (original or certified copies) if available
      • passport and evidence of your residence status in Australia
      • qualification/s (original or certified copies)
      • any certificates relating to apprenticeship or indentures
      • academic record/s (original or certified copies)
      • certified English translations of qualifications and academic records
      • proof of name change (for example, a marriage certificate or certified marriage extract).

      The bad news is that Trades Recognition Australia (a "Commonwealth" - or federal- agency) are closed till 6th Jan2014

      In the meantime check out:

      1) Master Builder's Association SA. It is quite possible that your proffesion is known locally under a different title

      2) www.immi.gov.au/asri

      3) www.innovation.gov.au/skills/skillsassessment

      When all else fails, just have a quiet beer and keep repeating to yourself.... "it's not me...they really are bonkers"

      John B

      PS i know you didn't mean anything, but you might want to skip the thing about being hands off...they really hate that



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