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      Hi all,

      I am coming over (hopefully) on a 457 visa with my hubby and 3 children. I have a job and sponsorship by Royal Adelaide hospital. We are doing through O'Grady Peyton and I only have to pay $190 for the visa and approx 1000 for the medicals and approx $200 for my Nurse registration as the sponsors are paying O'Grady Peytons fee's.

      Luckily RAH are paying my airfare will find us rental accommodation in the area and budget we want, give us $800 when we get there and provide us with a meet & greet at the airport. Also will sponsor PR application when we arrive

      Has anyone else done it or doing it in a similar way?

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      sounds like you are getting a good deal from the RAH, it's a good place to work.
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      Hi Tony
      I am a social worker but don't have the relevant qualifications in oz to migrate. However, i do qualify as a welfare worker and have been told the same as you, 475 visa government sponsor only in the western and victoria areas. I am very surprised to hear what your agent is saying regarding seeing what they can do about sponsorship in adelaide, as my husband and i family etc also want to go to adelaide and it is quite clear on the immigration sa website that sa are not sponsoring. There is a list of occupations showing sa sponsorships and welfare workers on not there. I have contacted a few agents and they have told me the same thing. If i were you i would get further advice before paying out any money, we have also been down that path. Don't rush into things ask around and do your own homework. The immi.gov.au is useful, put in 475 visa in the search box for info.

      Anyway, sorry to ramble

      Let us know how you get on. You could always look into the 457 sponsor route


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