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      The Wise Family

      We have a Case Officer!!!

      Hi ~Everyone

      Well we have finally got a Case Officer!! Can't believe it, they do exist after all!

      We stayed up till 12.30 to phone DIAC and they told us we were allocated a case officer on 17/4, what his name was and that we should hear from him within the next two weeks, if not ring them again. The nice lady on the phone was from lancashire would you believe. Anyway got an email from him the next day asking to resend a few documents.

      Hopefully our golden ticket won't be too long now and we can start living the dream!

      Gina x

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      Hi Gina,
      Thats good news.
      Hope all goes well for you. Good luck with your future plans.

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      The Wise Family
      Thanks Sue.

      I see you already have your visa. When are you planning on going? The sooner the better for us.

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      Great news that's one step closer

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      Welcome to the CO club. Its good to know things are progressing. ;)


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      Hey, good news. Another step closer, and getting very close to those magic stamps now.



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