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      Smile When should we make the big move?

      Hi everyone,

      I use this forum all the time but this is the first time I am posting- hope I'm in the right section! My hubby and I are are all set with our visa but we are struggling to decide when the best time to move over is. Our original plan was to move in August but now we are doubting it as we are worried about jobs and money when we get there. I am a primary school teacher and my hubby is an electrician so we are both aware that it will take time to get ourselves registered and licensed before we can work in our fields. What is the likelihood that we will be able to find other odd jobs that can see us through so we don't have to eat into our savings? We are both prepared to do just about anything! We have savings to bring over but how do you know it will be enough? do you ever have enough money for a big move like this? is there ever a right time to move? ( BIG SIGH)......

      Any advice or words of wisdom from people who have made the move as a young couple with no kids yet would be wonderful!


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      How long will it take to get yourself registered? The schools close for the end of year holiday in December and employment as a teacher around this period is problematic. The TAFE's also close but courses do start again from early Feb.

      There are plenty of casual jobs over the December period though!

      It is a very expensive experience making the big move and it's best to prepare yourselves to eat into savings...sorry. When we moved here my OH complained continually that we were "hæmorrhaging money"!!! It's pay pay pay for along time before you get those Dollars coming in so it's best to be aware that your bank balance will take a serious hit before it turns around.

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      The best time would have been between 1999 and 2004 I reckon, boy it was cheap and work easy to find then............... sorry could not resist.

      I'd move as you can really.
      The holiday season around December and January are traditionally quieter on the job and letting front.
      Selling the house (if not already sold) is the big thing.



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