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    Thread: do we need an agent to sort out our visa?

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      For what it's worth I spoke to an agent before I began the process and they gave me information which I believed was wrong. I checked it on the immigration site and yes, it was wrong. This made me realise that nobody will look after your dreams as well as you would yourselves.
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      hi i was just wondering if anyone could direct us towards websites for advice to start the process yourself instead of a agent

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      Quote Originally Posted by murphyslaw View Post
      hi i was just wondering if anyone could direct us towards websites for advice to start the process yourself instead of a agent
      Starting here is usually a good point. Check to see if you are eligible and if so what visa. Then start reading :)


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      thank you so much billyjo you are extremely helpful :-)
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      Quote Originally Posted by BillyJo View Post
      More on References:


      You must provide verifiable documentary evidence of your skilled work experience covering
      the required period of employment that we are claiming points for.
      Any employment evidence presented with the application must contain enough information
      to satisfy the visa decision maker that you meet the work experience requirement.
      For the assessment of the work experience requirement, employment references should
      contain the following information about the employee:
      Exact period of employment (date of commencement DD/MM/YYYY and termination
      DD/MM/YYYY), including:
      · whether permanent or temporary
      · full or part time
      · the main five duties undertaken
      · the salary earned
      · position/s held
      Employment references should be written on the official letterhead of the company and
      also contain the following information about the employer/s:
      ● Contact details for the company including postal and street address, telephone and fax
      numbers, email and website addresses
      ● Contact details for the person authorised to sign the employment reference including full
      name and position, telephone number and signature
      ● Organisation chart for the company where appropriate
      If the applicant fails to provide sufficient evidence of employment, there is likely to be a
      significant delay in processing of the visa application.
      Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of employment for the relevant period may result in
      refusal of the visa application.
      An example of a work reference including all of the above information is listed below.

      42 High Street
      GU1 3EL
      01 November 2013
      REF: Joe Blogs

      To whom it may concern
      Joe has been employed by Immigration2oz on a permanent fulltime basis, working at least
      40 hours per week since he started with the company on the 9th of February 2007 and is
      still employed to the present day. The position he holds is ‘Accountant’ and his current
      Salary is £30,000.
      In his role as an Accountant, Joe holds the following responsibilities:
      · Daily management of multi-currency bank accounts
      · Preparation of multi-currency cashflow forecasts.
      · Maintenance and reconciliation of balance sheets accounts including monthly
      reconciliation of debtors, creditors, prepayments and accruals.
      · Managing inter-company transactions and agreeing month end balances within the
      · Posting and documenting Journals
      · Review and submission of monthly supplier payment runs.
      · Review of existing financial processes and systems and improve efficiencies.
      · Assist in the quarterly process of budget setting.
      · Producing schedules for the year end file for submission to auditors.
      Hi billy jo, just wondering.... I know the roles and tasks etc that employers put on the reference are supposed to match the occupation you are applying under as closely as possible but can you basically just copy them as they're written on the skills assessment website (as long as it's correct of course)? I did wonder if this would be ok or if it would be seen as... Hmmm...well, unfavourable to skills assessment organisation?
      Would be much easier for us to just give hubby's employer the bullet points as stated on vetassess for them to copy? X
      Jodipodi pudn'n'pie x


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