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      medicals question

      hi, trying to get an idea of how much the whole move is going to cost...

      we are are family of 5 (2 adults, 3 children age 13, 7 and 8) and looking at getting a subclass 189 visa.

      looking at the prices of medicals I am quite shocked by how much it cost. can anyone give me an exact price for our group please and do they request you have a full medical etc.


      p.s we are all extremely healthy with no health issues.

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      Hello kezza01,

      We are also a family of 5, I think prices may vary on where you go and also if one or both of you work as a doctor/nurse/midwife as they do extra tests, which cost more. Yes its alot but worth it in the end, ours we're done in london and cost 970.

      Also being healthy does not affect cost, as they do the same medical to all regardless.

      Hope this helps
      Kev and Liz
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      Hi there,

      true, the price for medicals is a shocker.
      For the younger children under 10 you don't need to do an X-ray, that's saves a little bit of money. But for the rest of you a full medical is mandatory.
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      I'm pretty sure you all have to have medicals but children under a certain age will not require a blood test.

      Also not sure what age and over the x ray is mandatory.

      Here is the PDF on it all for you to have a read http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/26.pdf (hopefully its all still current).

      Here is a list of the panel doctors in the UK. Click on the area that you are in and see where they are. Look at their websites or give them a call for actual pricing as it will vary.


      To give you an idea of costs (and what each of you will need to undergo medical wise) have a look at the Spire pricelist and info


      Prices for Australian visa health examinations at Spire Manchester

      Australian Adult Medical (15+) 285
      Australian Child medical (11-14) 185
      Australian Medical ( Under 11) 90
      Hepatitis B and hepatitis C tests 50 each
      X-ray examination only 110



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