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      help with meds

      hi all
      just a few questions about meds looks like we will be going for our meds shortly anyone been to manchester for them if so what price are we looking at for 2 adults and to kids aged 14 ,9 . also do you need to take your passport with you as i have sent mine off for renewal , do you need to have a hep b test if you have tattos and body piercings ? do children have to have the test if they have their ears pierced.

      tra sent may 28 07
      passed july 14 07
      136 visa applictation sent july 28 07
      recieved aug 6 07
      payment (ouch) and recited nov 11 07
      cant believe still waitindriving me mad

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      Jack Jack
      Hi booboo

      We had medicals done Feb this year. We went for chest x-rays in Eccles, Manchester and then straight on to Clarendon Road surgery for medicals. My husband has tatoos but did not have hep be test, did not even ask if had any. Not sure about body piercing. My daughter had adult medical as over 11 and also required chest x-ray. You will need your passport as they need it for identification purposes.

      Ours cost for two adults and two children aged 11 and 9:

      Chest X-Rays - 180 (60 each)
      Meicals - 290 (can't remember breakdown but something like 80 for adults and 50 for children)
      Bloods - 56.40 (2 x adults)
      Courier - 55 (they send everything off once completed).

      They were very good except had to ring a couple of times myself to check everything OK and that it had all been sent off.

      I found them a lot cheaper than the option we had nearby which was in St John's St in Manchester - they would have worked out around £400 more.

      We got an appointment in about two weeks of ringing but only do on certain days as the doctor who does the medicals is also a GP - I think you get more choice of days in St Johns St but pay more.

      Hope this helps.

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      help with meds

      thanks for that jackjack please could you send me details so i could contact them did you say you could only get an appointment on certain days ? and how far in advance did you have to book
      cheers booboo

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      Jack Jack
      Hi booboo

      Goodness only knows how long it will take me to get used to these forums. Would have lost the will to live by then and moved to Spain - easier I'm sure. Just spent 20 mins on PomsinOz trying to get here and had to reset password twice today.

      Anyway, the doctor you want is Dr Tankel, Lance Burn Health Centre, Churchill Way, Salford 0161 736 4529. Ask for Dr Tankel's assistant who deals with medicals. She isn't in every day so maybe try tomorrow and they will let you know when she is around. I think we went for our medical on Wednesday but not sure, have sleapt since then, but they do only offer medicals on certains days as like i said previously he is a GP too (nice side line, £290 for about 50 minutes work).

      The chest x-rays are done at a different private hospital about ten minutes away, can't remember the name but Dr Tankel assitant will let you know the number as they work together on medicals. Make appointment with Dr Tankel first and then make chest x-ray appointment around that, we had ours done first but did wait a while as don't think receptionist let radiographer know we were there at first so just check after ten mins to make sure.

      Parking near by for both, although at the Health Centre a bit hard to find and parking not great but is some around. Could park in shopping centre just over road if need be.

      Hope this helps and good luck.

      Jack Jack

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      help with meds

      hi jackjack
      thanks for that info will give them a call this week they seem cheaper than the one in manchester,when and where are you going to adelaide has oh got a job sorted ?
      thanks again

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      Thanks for that info Jack, I needed that too :)


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