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    Thread: "Borderline Case" seeks TRUSTWORTHY immigration agent

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      "Borderline Case" seeks TRUSTWORTHY immigration agent

      I'm not exactly the ideal candidate to apply for 457 or 187 visas - but I'm determined to try nevertheless:

      - 46 years old
      - German national, but UK resident
      - Veterinary Nurse (complete study course AND graduation in ADELAIDE!)
      - 2.5 years work experience as Vet Nurse (ADELAIDE & UK) + 20 years of overseas work experience in other job fields in Germany & UK!
      - no partner/family in OZ or to bring with me
      - happy to go live & work "regional" (preferably SA)

      There are so many immigration agents out there...
      Recently, I've been approached by IxP Visas... they've assessed my CV and sounded VERY confident about my case... a bit too confident for my taste. They were also extremely eager to get my money - so I decided to have a look at some forums before the 1st instalment... good for me, I guess, because all I saw were comments like "Scam" "Thieves" "Stay away from them"... which I did, eventually.

      However, IxP claims to be OISC accredited (approved by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner). So if I cannot trust an OISC approved immigration agent - whom can I trust?
      I have to admit, IxP does not seem to be registered with MARA. I suppose that may be a hint...?!

      What other indications should I look out for while looking for a TRUSTWORTHY immigration agent?

      In case YOU have used a Migration Agent SUCCESSFULLY while being in a similar situation as I am (which means over 35, not exactly a surgeon, technician or engineer with a university degree but with a mere Australian Diploma acquired at TAFE and with no family ties in OZ) I would be VERY grateful for a recommendation...
      MANY thanks in advance

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      George Lombard is very good, as is Alan at go Matilda. Both are used to more complicated cases, although really, your case doesn't look too complicated to work out the theory. If you are able to be sponsored for that job at your age, by far the hardest thing will be finding a sponsor.

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      MARA registration is of individual ie each individual migration agent is registered independently, the company itself is not registered, although we list he companies and organisations we work for as part of our registration. You can always ask a company (certainly in Australia, and some outside Australia) which MARA registered migration agent you will be working with.

      The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner is a UK government organisation - ie not Australian immigration.

      I would suggest if you are looking at the employer sponsored options then you might look at obtaining advice about the pathways at this stage.
      Without looking at the full details I would say that, depending upon your points, there are potentially a couple of state sponsored skilled independent visa options. I have a points calculator at www.TaylorMadeImmigration.com/PointsCalculator - or you could check the skillselect site at immi.gov.au

      Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
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