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      state sponsored-v-independent

      Hi all, We are planning to emigrate to Adelaide, at the moment I am awaiting the return of my skills assessment so we can start the visa application. I am on the skills wanted list (fortunately) and should be able to achieve enough points with the IELTS for a skilled independent visa. However we don't know whether to apply for a state sponsored visa with S.A. as we definately should have enough points for this. As a family we also had liked the sound of the meet and greet service offered with this visa. I am the main applicant and both my husband and I would work when in Adelaide but our plan is that I would work part-time as we have 2 children. Does anyone know if there are any clauses with a state spnsored visa re how many hours one is expected to work if in receipt of this visa type? I've only seen that S.A. expect you to live and work in S.A. for 2 years.
      All advice appreciated

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      I too am at the same stage as you waiting for skills assessment, the way i read the s.a visa was that the main applicate has to work full time for one year out of the two in order to apply for the full visa after the provisional period...
      I also debated as to whether to go for the s.a sponsorship or independant but decided on s.a as like you i like the idea of the help once you arrive. I am a lone parent with two children so its nice to know that there is someone to guide you, anyway i personally think you need to give a particular state two years to settle, after that time you will be free to move to another state if you wish...

      best of luck

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      jill wright
      Hi Tina

      we are going (hopefully)on the sir 475 visa which has S A sponsorship and we too like the idea of someone to meet and help us and thats us as a couple so I think you're being doubely brave on your own. Hope all goes well with your visa not sure what what timescale you're on but we hope to be there end of this year/beginning of next so if you want some company and we're out the same time as you look us up


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      Hi Jill,
      If things go to plan then hopefully i will be out there early next year. It is scary but so exciting at the same time...Went to Sydney and Queensland in feb and just feel in love with the place...
      Would certainly be great to meet up once we are out there, feel the hardest part will be leaving friends behind so will be great to make some new ones asap...


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      I think if you have the choice you should go for the visa that lets you go anywhere in Australia.that way you can choose!

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      jill wright
      This forum is a great place to get to know people Tina ,even if you don't meet some of them in the flesh at least you're making a connection with people before you go with every intention of meeting up one day on the 'sunny' side. Will follow your 'visa trail' so to speak and hope all goes well for you

      Jill x


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