Check out the link to this invaluable piece of reading. It's full of useful tips for new arrivals and PIA members looking to migrate.

Travellers often underestimate the depth of cultural isolation they can face abroad, even in a country where English is spoken. On the face of it Australia may seem an ‘easy’ option, with its long history of immigration, western lifestyle and millions of annual visitors.
However, many newcomers find certain aspects of the Aussie way of life alien – and some come unstuck as a result. Culture Wise Australia will help you understand Australia and its people and adapt to the Aussie way of life. Most importantly, it will enable you to quickly feel at home.
# Inside you’ll discover: how to overcome culture shock
# the historical and political background to modern Australia
# Aussie attitudes and values – at home and at work
# do’s, don’ts and taboos
# how to enjoy yourself in Aussie style
# business and professional etiquette
# Australia’s spoken and body language
# getting around Australia safely
# shopping the Aussie way