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      Sponsorship form help


      I was hoping someone may be able to offer us some help.

      Were currently living in Mebourne but trying to get state sponsorship to move to Adelaide as our current work visa is expiring.

      Im in the process of filling in the sponsorship form online. The first section is all about what research youve done on the job market and your prospects.

      I was hoping someone maybe able to give some hints on what to put for this section and how much detail they went into.

      Ive put the usual stuff about checking the net for jobs and contacting agencies. Has anyone else gone into more detail? Did you actually specifiy what agencies you'd contacted if any?

      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Ben and Jane.

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      jill wright
      I wouldn't worry about this part I just put a few lines about internet research, friends who have been etc. I certainly didn't go into any detail what so ever. think its just abit of a formality. Good luck



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