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      jill wright

      SIR 475/state sponsorhip query

      Hi we received state sponsorship 31.12.07 and e lodged visa sir 475 application 17.04.08 just looking at the e mail we received on the 31st from SA sponsorship though and it says to wait until we get a letter with the CLF or TRN number from DIAC and to fax it along with the copy of e mail confirmation of SA sponsorship and then they will complete required form to send direct to DIAC. I assume it would be ok to fax the e mail verification we received from DIAC with TRN number on don't you as I can't see us recieving anything else and this would show we have applied within the six months specified by SA.

      Thanks Jill

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      Leanne & Mark
      Sorry had to read it 3 times to grasp what you were asking.
      But EEERRRRR yeah i think so!!! Can't see you getting any thing else now.


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