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      thanks Nicky, my mantra is now one day at a time and the rest will take care of itself

      Camerons birthday tomorrow, he will be 2 and i cant wait till the morning to
      watch him open his Thomas Train Set.

      Have a great weekend

      Huntfield Heights

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      Quote Originally Posted by MacLeods View Post
      Hi Jill

      We arrived here on a 495 temp visa in December with our then 18 month old son, my partner works full time and by Adelaide standards earns a decent wage. However we found our standard of living has dropped dramatically, I took on a full time job ( nothing part available for me) and put my son in full time child care something I would have never contemplated before leaving the UK. But this hasn't really made much of a difference as nearly half of my salary goes on child care and travel to work and in addition as non residents you pay a higher rate of tax. However my son now seems to be settled and mixing with his peer group. I am on a temporary contract for 3 months which is nearing its end and they have offered me, get this , a 12 month contract with no holiday pay, , im sure this is illegal and will be looking into this..................We do ave equity from our property in the UK but its earmarked for our new house and not for buying essentials like food, etc although ultimately we wouldn't starve for the sake of a house.
      What I am saying is, its not great at the moment financially or our long working days - leaving the house @ 6.30 and getting home at 6 in the evening, but when all said and done no-one forced us to come and our commitment is to get our PR and revisit then why were here and where we want to be in the future.
      Would I still have come if I had known, to be honest in the first few months I would have said absolutely no way however now I think yes , as you have to find things out for yourself and never having known
      could have been worse. When I look back at the first 6 weeks we were here and how I felt and what we have achieved to date, as new migrants, I feel quite proud of us all and especially my little boy.
      To be honest as my mum would say,"a bit of hard work never killed anyone and at least we have our health''

      Best of Luck
      Just came on to say well done and the best of luck to you.

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      money worries...

      hi jill,

      It's a real worry about the whole money situation isn't it? We have some equity from our house sale, but think we have to have 20% deposit for a house on the 475 (is this right?) so will have to make sure we don't eat in to our savings with rent, living costs etc..
      I don't think my OH will get a job before we get there, (and has no idea if there is work for him there and how much it's likely to bring in) - and as we will have 2 small children, we'll only be bringing in 1 wage - aaarrgghh!!

      We know things will be difficult, especially from the situation we're in here - rent free and OH on great wage... but am hoping it'll be a stop-gap until we get PR and the children are in school and I can go back to work too.

      It is a bit of a gamble, and we will have to comprimise on something I guess, house or longer hours/weekends etc.. but am hoping it'll pay off and be worth it!!???

      I understand what you're saying about benefits too, not that it is all we rely on - but they certainly help!!

      Alexis x

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      Hi Jill

      We're hoping to go on a 495 temporary visa and I have the same worries as you as we will be much worse off financially. I also worry about the medical side of things, the extra insurance like ambulance cover, etc. Also, having got there, as you say, we then have to apply again for permanent residence, I only hope it's not as complicated and drawn out as trying to get the 495. The 495 is our only route really as we did not have enough points for a permanent visa due to our ages. We have two children (9) and (11) so will be into school costs too. I do think though that although I know it won't be easy, the alternative of staying in the UK is not a very appealing option. It is a worry giving up a good job to almost start from scratch again but it is worth giving it a go, people keep saying to me "well, you can always come back if you don't like it" and that is true but I don't think so! I think that really the two
      years will probably fly by and I think maybe it is easier to be poor in the sun (but I may be wrong).
      Best of luck!


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      Hi, I must say, we are on the 495 visa and leave for Adelaide on 1oth June and are really worried about the money, we are reasonably comfortable here, I only work couple of days a week, OH is a painter & decorator, that work is very much up and down, but we live OK. I am scared stiff of going backwards like we lived 15 years ago, in debt etc etc having to watch every penny. We have a lot of quality time as a family and I'm scared that we will not have that there, working all hours and not having much to show for it. We also have 3 kids 17, 14 and 10 so schooling to pay for etc. I hope the 2 years doesn't drag too much!!!!!! Major worries.

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      jill wright
      Thanks for the replies and keep them coming . It is a worry financially but at least we are all looking at it realistically aren't we. We too have'just got our lives back' so to speak as my eldest is nearly 16 and youngest 7 and although not loaded go out for a meal/drink once a week and go on holiday and have a decent house. I know if it doesn't work out we can come back but wouldn't be coming back to what we left so to speak. Anyway we are still planning to go just need to weigh up the true cost of things and welcome feedback from those going/already there on this visa.

      Good luck to all 475's


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      Temp visa

      Have been reading this thread with much interest. My OH and I are going on the 495 3 year visa and have the same financial worries as yourselves.
      We are lucky in the fact that it's just us as we have no children yet but still not having access to state benefits is a worry. I completely agree it's not that we want benefits but it always nice to know they are there if you need them.
      I also have concerns about what if we move, love it and then can't get PR and have to move back! But having read lots of other threads on this I am hoping it will be fairly straight forward to get PR - and I guess even if for some reason we don't you can't spend your life worrying about what may or may not happen.
      Good luck with everything and it sounds as if you will get your PR very soon.

      Thanks for the tip on tax too - I will try to remeber this when we come over in August!
      Vicks & Stu

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      can anyone tell me whether they had trouble getting jobs on the 475? I asked the guy at the expo from SA and he said its not viewed as temporary by employers, just provisional as the name of the visa suggests. I was worried would only be able to get temp work which obviously is in general (it is here at least) lower paid and no benefits.
      he did say most that want to convert to a perm resident do very easily but didnt explain how. just said the majority that apply get it and even stay in SA rather than going other states.
      has been getting a perm job been easy on the 475?

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      Hi Bic,
      we too are waiting for our augustt lodged sir 495 visa and just wish it would come.
      Surely it cant be much longer ? have you heard anything at about time scales ????


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