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      New MODL from 17th May 2008

      Hi All

      You have probably all seen the threads about this elsewhere but if not, a new MODL is coming into effect tomorrow, 17 May 2008.

      The link is here:


      12 new cetgories have been added to please do all check the new MODL if it might be relevant to yourselves.

      Best wishes


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      donna T
      So if Russ's proffession is now on the MODL list which it wasn't before we applied and we are here on a SIR495 - does it make any difference to us? Just hoping we can jump through less hoops to get PR;)

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      Sharon and Paul
      HI Gollywobbler, I was surpised that teachers are not on the list?. and brain surgeons , oh well have to look for another job! ha ha atb Paul


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