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      Telecommunications cert III - anywhere in Adelaide?

      Hi all,
      We are looking at ways to pass the TRA, the one option we have at the moment is for Martin to come out to Oz, be assessed via RPL (recognition of prior learning) and be awarded an AQFIII. He can then be assessed under pathway E.
      I have been searching for ages, and can only find a TAFE in Qld that does it. Obviously it would make more sense if he could do it in Adelaide and have a look around while he is there. I can only find one company (JB Hunter) but they need to be CRICOS and they are not (I don't even know what CRICOS stands for!!)
      Are there any telecoms guys out there who know of any TAFE's that do it?
      Here's hoping!:)

      Liz x

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      I was going to suggest JB hunter but looks like you've already checked them out...you could try Ramsdon www.ramsdentraining.com.au

      Im doing some training with them in July and I know they do RPL. Perhaps give them a call, sheryl there is quite helpful and maybe able to point you in the right direction.

      good luck

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      Thanks for the link, i'll have a look at them.


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