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      Quote Originally Posted by caz and wayne View Post
      There are benefits such as the LAHA to the temp visa though which can add up to a sizeable chunk of tax free money each month.
      Indeed, providing there is
      intention or expectation of the employee returning to live at the former place of residence on cessation of work at the temporary job locality.
      Quote is from Oz taxation site. I looked into this when we first decided to migrate. To me it reads if you don't show intention of returning to the UK you may find you will have to pay it back. Don't quote me on it as I haven't spoken to anyone in the know but thats the way I read it. I hope not because it would be a nice loophole for people on temp visas to exploit.

      Mind you it does also state that
      If the employee is one of a class of employees, (e.g., diplomats posted overseas, foreign experts employed in Australia, construction workers at a remote construction site, etc.) who could reasonably be expected by the employer to satisfy the tests set out in paragraphs 11-25 of living away from the usual place of residence, and the allowance is paid to compensate for additional costs (as explained in paragraph 28) that the employees could be expected to incur through having to live away from home, the allowance will constitute a living-away-from-home allowance in terms of section 30.
      Why does it have to be sooooo complicated. When we first looked into the move I spent hours reseaching all the options. All the pros and cons of each option and not one of them was straight forward.

      For those on the temp visas here is the site I used in my research http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.ht...MT2030/NAT/ATO

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      I have a job at RAH also and am going on RSMS and visa subclass 119 and have permanent residency straight away. I think you should ask RAH about sponsership again as we got PR straight away.

      Good luck


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      Hi again

      My understanding of going on a temp (457 visa) is that you can secure PR within a short space of time, usually 3-6 months but it is the employer that commits you to work with them for a specific period of time (usually 2 yrs). I have also read somewhere that if you are working for an employer and not really happy to continue working with them you can ask them to release you from the commitment you made. Obviously I can't remember where I read this as I am a total jelly brains with a goldfish memory so I hope it is right. Please let me know if you know differently.

      I am sure if you are working in a hospital and not particularly happy in the area you work in there would be some room for you negotiate movement within the same hospital. I know 2 years is not really a long time but it feels like a lifetime when you are not happy.

      Hope it goes well for you.


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