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      migration agents

      Hi all,

      Can anyone recommend a good Migration agent here in the UK. Have received some information on some but you cannot beat a positive recomendation from someone that has been there and done it.
      Can you also give us an idea of the costs that they cjarge. So far they range from 1800 - 2100. Cost is not the main issue but good service can not be beat.

      Thanks all

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      we are useing Go Matilda.

      We have found them very helpfull and promt in their dealings with us so far. We have also heard good things about them on here.

      fess as folows

      skills assesment 260 +VAT
      skilled independent visa app 650 +VAT

      total 910 +VAT

      you also have to pay

      Skills assesment fee $350 (may be different for you)
      Department of immigration $1990

      their are also fees for medicals an police check.

      I think the police check is about 10 per pearson
      I'm not sure on medical costs

      good luck

      ali and co

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      Hi, we used Global Visas, my OH did the online points test & not long after he received a phone call to say they could definitely get us into South Australia. We paid 1500 for their services but it was VAT free as we live in Guernsey, the other costs involved, as in message above, are pretty much standard.

      They were really helpful, we were assigned a migration expert who we dealt with through the whole process, very efficient & no hassles. :D :D

      We fly out 4 weeks today!!! :lol: 8)


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      We're using Ian Harrop very very good.

      Costs 1195.00 for his expertise
      Visa $1990.00
      TRA $500.00
      Medicals 600.00 (5 people)
      Cert Copies can be anything we have lovely solicitor who only charges 0.75 per copy.


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      Hi, we recieved our visa 2 weeks ago. We used the Visa Bureau. They were always on hand with any problems or concerns we had. Not the cheapest at around 2000, but worth every penny.

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      We also used Global Visas and they were great, really helpful. Sorry, not sure of costs (I don't worry my pretty little head about money...) but think it was a couple of grand all told. We got our visas last week so they must be pretty good!

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      dp n dd
      Hi ianb :)

      we are using go matilda and must say contrary to popular belief we would not recommend them, although it seems that its all down to your consultant. I'd guesstimate that ours has 'cost' us about 6 months, due to mistakes and delays.
      The Australian side of things was/is OK, but our side has been disappointing.

      You pays your money etc. etc. - we really should have been there by now, but thats the way the cookie drops into your tea... :lol: :lol:
      good luck with it all anyway! stick at it n yal soon b there.

      P n J



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