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      Red face Partner Visa - Sponsor Obligation Query

      Dear All,

      I have moved to Adelaide in Oct '14 and I'm looking for a job in Mechanical Design - CAD area all over the Country. The hunt is ON..
      While i look for a Job - I want to process my wife PR application. (we didn't apply together - As, I wasn't married while i got my PR in 2011- we got married in India in Jan 2013)

      For Partner Visa : I understand that as Sponsor Obligation - I have give a undertaking for taking care of my wife while she is here. For this I have to provide the proof of employment and bank a/c statement at the Time of application.

      Since, I haven't found a job yet. This process is getting postponed & as is getting Partner PR for our nationality has a 12 months timeline.

      My plan is: Apply Partner Visa while I look for a Job - Once I secure bring her on a Tourist Visa. Hence time is not lost on Processing Partner Visa.

      Also, I understand that while on tourist Visa - she will not be allowed to apply for PR onshore. So, DIAC suggested me to lodge the PR visa 1st and then apply tourist visa.

      Is there a way for me to lodge the PR Visa in as is Condition? I can show the funds required to take care of her while in AUS.

      Spoke to DIAC on telephone, They were not able to provide me with a solution - I asked since its 12 month long process
      - Can I apply and then provide the employment details eventually?
      - For funds I can show funds upto 12,000 AUD. is it ok?

      But, they never answered my question at all & all the time said read the rules and follow as per that..

      Because its already been 2 months and now its Dec recruitment's will slow down until mid Jan 2015. For sure looks like it will drag on for few months more.. :-(

      Kindly advice... thank you in advance.


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      Is a mummy!

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      I don't know if being from India means slightly different requirements for a partner visa sponsor but for those from say the UK with Aus partners or PR sponsors I wasn't aware they actually had to have the funds or proof of funds to sponsor their partner for a partner visa. I always understood it to be more that you were prepared to support them, could do so as would be working or looking for work and have funds to cover expenses etc for a time frame or were working at the time of lodging (say an off shore application) and could therefore provide at the time and then be able to explain your plans for the future once you actually move to Aus and are seeking work with your spouse on the partner visa.

      It may well be that from countries considered higher risk they do require actual proof of funds and/or salary slips etc in which case I really can't offer anything further as your partner visa requirements differ from mine.

      Have you discussed your case with a reputable migration agent who could perhaps give you a few pointers. I don't think calling DIAC to ask them will be of much use as they have been known to give conflicting or incorrect advice as to a visa application and often you speak to someone with no knowledge of your visa type etc.

      Just to check, what visa number is it you will be applying for?



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