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      Applying for Permanet Residence(PR) from 475 to 887

      Hi there,
      Right now, I am holding Skilled visa (Provisional) (class VF) subclass 475 (Skilled - Regional Sponsored), application type Person Sponsored (who lives in MEL, VIC). I am having rights to work/live and study in VIC for 3 years. Now, I am eligible to apply for visa Class VB sub class 887 permanent residence. I have gone thorugh various forums on internet but still I have few questions which are unanswered or not clear to me. First of all, I am applying online and filling forum "Äpplication for Temporary Graduate or Skilled Regional Visa". Below are my concerns:

      1. 'Place of issue' field under "Details of the current visa" heading:- Would the value be the country name where the visa granted (say when the visa was granted to me, I was in India) or authority who issued the visa (say Adelaide Regional Office)?

      2. 'Visa number' under "Details of the current visa" heading:- Is it 10,11 or more digits? Because, on help it says first 10 digits excluding 'V'& 'A' but when while saving error comes. If I ignore 'V' & '<'(becoz I don't have 'A' in my visa number) them my visa number becomes 1234567890P1. What should be my visa number?

      3. My wife is having only given name and as per guidelines available on the forum, it should come in family name in the forum and no value for given name. Please confirm.

      4. Family Members: As we are already in Australia, would the parents detail come in Non accompanying dependents or other family members?

      5. Applicant residential address: As I am having rights to work/stay & study in VIC state. I lived 4 months in Melbourne, VIC & 20 months in Ballarat, VIC. Have I lived more than one specified regional area?

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,

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      I can answer 4. It's other family members, unless they are fully dependant on you (no jobs, pension etc).
      Is a mummy!

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      May I suggest that you would be well advised to consult a registerd migration agent to clarify the issues opf concern?
      Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent Number 0316072



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