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      hi, I just read the post but I don't understand it at all! We are hopefully getting our Visa to emigrate to Adelaide from the Uk in August. What is all this about going to NZ to get it?!

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      That's because we were already in Australia and they wont grant it whilst you are in country! Don't worry if your in the UK you'll be fine!

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      ohhhh i completly missed this one (my excuse i was on holiday ;))

      CONGRATS!!!! and great that you are loving it!!!!

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      thank you!

      i can confirm that Adelaide is beautiful, the people are really nice - everyone seems to be on your side - not against you like it feels in the UK sometimes... just little things that make your day, like the guy in the local off-license who only sold massive bags of ice (we have no freezer or in fact any furniture yet )... so he just made us up a small bag for nothing. Or trying to get a parking permit at the council with none of the right documentation and walking away with a parking permit... having had a laugh.

      Everything seems to work here in a matter of fact but friendly way... no bull$*t... if you're straight up, honest and up for a laugh things seem to work every smoothly...

      We've found a beautiful house right in the city... very happy to have a home after traveling for such a long time... the weather is great.... we're really enjoying it if you couldn't tell!!

      Even though the visa process is very painful at times and the day before we were granted it i felt like giving up for the first time... now we're here it was definitely worthwhile :)

      Amelia and Fred



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