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      Question Provisional 475 visa to Permanent

      We haven't got our visa yet (hopefully soon) and not even sold the house, so this question may be a bit premature, but....

      How long does the process take to obtain a permanent visa; does it take as long as applying for the original visa.

      We have researched (well I have) and discussed this between us, and we're still none the wiser. With our visa only being 3 years and having strict stipulations - one of them being you have to have lived in South Oz for 2 years to be able to apply for perm residency - we will have to get out to Adelaide within the first 12 months of our visa be given. (which with the house market being dead, may not happen )

      If it takes 6-12 months to get a permanent visa, that means we will have to apply within 12 months of getting there, which, in turn, means we wont have lived there for 2 years before applying for perm visa. Or, do you live there for 2 years, then apply, but this could take us to the end of our 3 years if we didn't get out until late of the first 12 months.

      Any 475 - ers, or other provisional visa bods out there, or anybody, that know?

      It's all so confusing.

      Sorry if this sounds a bit garbled and not very easy to understand. The question sounded ok when it was in my head, but now I've typed it it doesn't sound so straight forward.

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      You can get a bridging visa - which will apply to your timescale.

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      Hi Beth
      We are in the same position as you. Our visa is not thru but when it comes we will only have until 26th Feb 2009 to validate it, house is on the market 2 weeks and no interest. Your worries are exactly like my own
      We think that in the worse case senario we will all have to go over in Feb to validate and then Stephen will have to stay (to try and obtain the years work to go towards perm residency) and I will have to come home with 4 kids to sell the house.
      I really don't want this to happen but may not have an option

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      :) leave the kids with your hubby in Aus and run for it:)
      Sailed SS Australis out of Southampton 1977.Arrived October in Adelaide via Melbourne 1977.Liverpool/London 1987 - 1992
      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachiegarlo View Post
      :) leave the kids with your hubby in Aus and run for it:)
      Now that IS and option

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      jill wright
      We're going on this visa (hopefully)the worse case scenario is for us all to validate visa and Phil to stay and work there. The house would have to sell eventually while I stay in it must admit have got a few concerns with this visa now


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      Hi Beth
      check this out and see if it helps


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      Ok Beth

      I have just spoken to our agent and he is unsure of exactly how long it takes to get permanent residency once out there but does not think it will take anywhere near the length as it has taken from here
      He also said that when you are there if it doesn't look like you can fill the criteria within the 3 year period (2years residency and 12 months work) you can apply for a 12 month extension.
      Hope this helps a bit and I have explained it right

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      I think it takes around 6 months for your perm visa to come through after applying http://www.adelaide-brits.com/forum/...php?f=8&t=2110 have a look at this and other threads about getting perm visas from temp ones. Some have had sucess from contacting a councillor.

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      Hi all. Is the Provisional 475 the same as the subclass 457? I am just a bit confused coz I tried searching for it on the website but I could find the answer.
      Anyway, we have applied for Subclass 457 in February, Medicals done in March, visa granted in April (on-line). The problem we have now is we can't go because we still can't sell the houseWe only had 3 viewers but none has expressed interest.
      As With regards to PR visa, someone has told me that within the first 3 months upon arrival in SA, you can apply for PR. But from what I have been reading in this forum, it's not the case. Is it 2 years of stay in AU before we can apply for PR? And which application form to use? Please reply.
      Many thanks


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