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      Quote Originally Posted by stufi1997 View Post
      Hi Gill,
      We chose Victor for a few reasons...It makes us smile everytime we come down the hill into the town on the Adelaide road it's just so beautiful, the rents cheaper, there are a choice of good schools, it's close enough to the city to go there, but hopefully far enough away to be outside of it if that makes any sense, We're from a very small town in Scotland and although we loved Adelaide it's a huge culture shock with constant traffic lights and huge trucks zooming about. The main reason though is we all just loved the "feel" of the place when we came to visit
      We do worry about work but so far Stuart has been working, subbying for a local painter. I am not working yet we wanted to make sure Aaron is settled in school and things before I get stuck in there too,(suits me fine).
      We hope this is more than a temporary stop but you never know, our rental is for 6 months initially so we're here for now anyway. Everyone we've met has been soooo helpful and they all want to keep us talking....something about the accent! so it takes forever to get anything done but hey ho we're not in any hurry....I do wonder if that's part of the reason the visa takes so long.....to teach you patience;),
      Good luck with your journey and yes definately let us know how you get on, Fiona

      HI just wondering where you are from in Scotland - we are in Falkirk and although it's no village , Adelaide will be a big cultutre shock for our kids especially. have seen Victor H on the TV - looks lovely.

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      Don't know if it was us or Gill you were asking, but we come from a small village town 30 miles north of Aberdeen called Turriff, and yes we love Victor Harbor is an ace place to be especially in the sunshine.....yipee
      Cheers Fiona


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