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      Sharron & Andrew
      Hi Rachael,

      You'll have to let me know when and where your husband is taking the test, we may be able to meet up and discuss the falling bank account balances!!

      I wish I could do everything myself, but because of Andrews dyslexia its hard for him to explain to me what to write so I thought it would be better to enlist the help of somebody who knows exactly what is required by the various agencies etc.

      So far we have paid 705 when we signed up with the agent on 15th May
      50 to get the documents certified with solicitor
      A$300 for the online VetAssess application on 9th July
      Now the next 705 for the Agent is due

      I know that it is costing a bit for the agent, but I must say the service we have received so far has been excellent. Peter Clay has helped me write all the reference letters and the Stat Dec so I know that they contain the correct information, and Jenny has sent me loads of information and web site addresses so that I can do lots of research. They are going to mail me next week so that we can start collecting the stuff we need to support the visa application so that we are ready to submit once the skills test has been done.
      I really can't believe that we have even come this far and have to keep reminding myself that we really are in the process of up and moving to the other side of the world!


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      LOCO IN OZ
      Hi Sharron,

      I will let you know when he has his practical (fingers crossed) and if it's the same place as your hubby it'd be nice to meet up and swap notes, is there a way to send a private email on this site? I could give you our personal email address then.

      We paid the $600 (292) for the competency profile (paper application) then we need to pay $1600 (785) for the practical if accepted. Fortunately we didn't pay for doc's to be certified because a friend of ours who's a teacher did them for us. I, like you, have had to do all the sorting out and testimonials and reference letters etc Wayne's self employed and has been for 12 months so I had to put lots of different letters together for past customers to sign, took some sorting! Trying to pin Wayne down for lists of tools he uses etc was another job too, we got there in the end.

      I'd be interested to know what type of things your agent has told you to get prepared for the visa app. if you wouldn't mind telling me? We thought it might be November ish when we put the visa app. together, then going off the length of time it's taken other people to get their visa granted who are on the MODL list we thought maybe 5 - 6 months after that, that's around May 09. We know a couple in Adelaide who we met backpacking in 2006, they've said they'll help us with the visa app. or anything else, they've been there since Dec 06 and love it, they're just having a house built at the moment, it's costing them 155k, big plot, 3 beds, on a new estate, but they've said it's not the same now, prices are going up. I read somewhere that property in Adelaide increased 20% last year, we need to get there fast!

      Like you said, I keep thinking this is it, we've actually started the ball rolling, it's not just a thought in our heads any more, we're actually making it happen, exciting but scary too.
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