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      Validating Visa!!!

      Hi, does anyone know what happens once you validate your visa - I know you have to validate it upon your first entry into Australia and this has to be within the 12 months from which you submitted medicals and Police checks etc.

      But what I dont understand is that what happens for instance if you get your visa granted and you then go out for a holiday or a reccie before you migrate for good (this will mean upon entry into Australia) your visa would get validated.

      Therefore is it possible to return back to the UK and then go out to Australia at a later date - if so, what are the timescales permitted before you have to eventually migrate etc...

      any help, please!!!


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      Hi Paul

      Once you enter Australia on or before your initial entry date this validates your visa, if you are only going for a reccie then you will have a period of time before you have to re-enter. I think this depends on your type of visa, we are entering on an SIR 495 & initial entry needs to be by 30 June, once our visa is validated we can leave Aussie as long as we return by 30 June 2010. Hope that helps :D


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      Validating visa

      Thanks Tracey, that kinda helps - reading between the lines then on a SIR 495 visa which I also am applying, you can enter Australia to validate your visa either on a holiday or a reccie etc, but if you return to the UK - you then have a period of 3 years to migrate to Australia before your visa would in theory expire!!

      If this is correct, then would you have to re-submit medicals and police checks again, as these are only valid for a 12 month period.

      Sorry for appearing a little confused - any help would be appreciated!!!


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      Hi Tracey/Paul

      sorry to but in on the SIR495 query, but we are going on this visa also and need all info we can get, is it right, once validated afer the 12 months pc check or medical date you have 3 years to emigrate as you stated but do you have to get 2 years living in oz and 1 yr working within that 3 year period or can you wait for 3 yrs then go and start your 2yr living & 1 yr work.

      Many thanks if you can put my mind straight


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      Yes you're right Tina, you would have to do your 2 years living & 1 year working within this 3 year period, sorry that wasn't mentioned in my earlier message! :? :?
      As long as these requirements are met within the 3 yr period you have multiple travel on the visa so can leave & enter Aussie as many times as you wish.


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