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      Quote Originally Posted by graandjac View Post
      Our advice would be never to exchange and complete on the same day that way this cant happen , get the exchange done asap then you can relax.

      Cheers Graham
      i was thinking the same thing. Exchange and complete on same day..............way too dodgy.Get exchange with a 2 week completion, gives you a bit of time to sort things......And it will cost them to pull out.
      Theres a lot of timewasters out there, the true pressure comes on when they have to exchange, our 1st buyer pulled out when I put the pressure on too exchange.........after 3 months. 2nd buyer kept coming up with excuses and reasons why not to sign, until I said , sign or shove it up their arse!..They signed.:)

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      Hi All
      re flight prices - wouldn't it be cheaper to get a 'round the world ticket'? I've seen some today advertised on the web for 700 ish. Also, qantas are advertising flights to australia for 729. The offer ends 18th June. The website if anyone is interested is ww.qantas.com.au/uk . Don't know if this helps any!

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      Hi Jacinta
      I can sympathise with you - we have had our house on the market since March and have only had 6 viewings and no offers.
      We didn't do a reccie - and have never been to Oz before, we just did a lot of rsearch and decided that the money spent on a reccie could be put to better use when we arrive.
      We have decided that if the house doesn't sell we are going to rent it out.

      I really hope you get a buyer. I think though if you look at doing the reccie as a good fact finding holiday I'm sure you will be in a much better position when you make the big move as at least the place will feel a bit familiar.
      Good luck - and fingers crossed you get that buyer soon.

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      Hi Vicks -Wow you're brave making the big move without ever going to Oz - you've got more guts than i had! Renting does really make the most sense but i'm way too scared to do that with our house cos it's a really old cottage and needs things keeping on top of .. i'd be too frightened that if we did rent it , when we did come to sell there'd be TOO many jobs needing doing to the house again [and we've just spent yonks sorting them all out ready to sell now].... Or mabye i'm just lazy!
      There's a lot of us in the same position i'm realising - it's a complete nightmare isn't it?
      well - here's hoping that things look up soon and we both sell quickly and it all goes smoothly and then we all live happily ever after... !! All the best, Jacinta
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      Quote Originally Posted by lynne View Post
      We were planning to be in Aus by Sep 08 without visiting first. However, there was a long delay with our medicals where we had to provide additional information and immigration was still not happy and wanted up to date reports off the specialist. Hence, our visa has only just come through and we have to validate it by Jan 09. Hence, we will not have time to sell two house pack up and be there by Jan. So we have decided to validate our visa, than we have until 2013 to be there permanently. This will give us time to put the house on the market in our own time and sell it for a realistic price. We may even delay the move by a year or two depending on how the market goes. So its a case of going home to Aus, getting to know the areas a little better.

      Hope your house sells but as long as you validate the visa thats the most important thing. Book your flights up well in advance as the price of the flights have doubled over a six week period. And since booking our flights 10 days ago the whole cost of the family would of esculated by another 1,000 pounds.
      Hi Can i just ask, we are at the begining of our visa process and my OH is a haemophilia, how long has the process taken? are they very perticular??

      many thanks


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