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      Medicals/Police Clearance


      Our Business Visa 163 was lodged on 16th May. Got word through today from Perth to get medicals and police clearance within 28 days.....does this mean things are moving quickly or just normal procedure??

      Any replies would be gratefully received.



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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi Loobyloo, Just had our meds and police checks done , told the same 28 days . Its good you wait 8 months different visa ? then they give you 28 days taking the p... ? It takes about 10 days to get police checks back, you can pay extra to speed things up . Meds phone around (they give you a list) there be happy to take 500.00 plus ! soon as they can?. ATB Paul

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      Thanks for reply - it does seem really quick. Phoned today and booked xrays (80 each) and also booked medicals for next week (130 per adult and 50 per child). Also got the forms for the police check and was told I will have report within a week after I return the forms. Fingers crossed. We're trying not to get too excited!!


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      Our agent told us they don't have to be in by the 28 days as long as you can let them know they are booked

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      we lodged on line 175 on May 15th and have had to have our police checks done by 28days. Only took a week to get them and they are valid from may 21st.
      Had medicals today which was funny as my hearing test consisted of "can you hear me?" which wasn't very scientific. Didn't realise had to strip down to underwear (not matching) and male g.p had to have a chaperone (in case i jumped on him!)
      Had to have all blood tests as i work in health. Some delay though as my 2 daughters have complicated histories so will have to get more info.
      I met another family there who applied ages ago and were only just having meds, I don't understand the timings. They have also requested all the defacto stuff within 28 days. We are busy scanning everything in.


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      Medicals/poolice clearance

      Thanks fo your response..... when you get the call to get your meds etc it sends you in a kind of spin.....don't want to get too excited!!

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      OMG had to strip down to undies..... I will make sure I have matching undies on!! omg!

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      Quote Originally Posted by LOOBYLOO View Post
      OMG had to strip down to undies..... I will make sure I have matching undies on!! omg!
      Yeah, make sure you do! He didn't seem to mind though.
      I had to take my socks off as well. I think that is so they can check everywhere (well almost) for evidence of puncture marks and I don't mean from vampires either!
      It was a strange experience and somewhat rushed as there were 4 of us.
      There is a reading test (eyesight) basic hearing test as mentioned and they have to comment on your mental state and intelligence, when you get the forms you will see what i mean.



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