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      Smile Reccies & small children!

      Hello everyone,

      Thought I'd introduce ourselves as we are looking into moving to Adelaide and would really really appreciate as much advise and first hand knowledge as possible! There's me, my hubbie and our small son (3) and I'm pretty sure we won't make the points for a Skilled Independant Visa therefore are looking into a State Sponsored Provisional Visa.

      Firstly has anyone had experience with this visa? The word 'provisional' scares me as it sounds like they could pull it all away at any point and we'd have to move back!?

      Secondly, as its only Adelaide (I think) that offers this visa for my hubbies skill, Im trying to find out as much as poss about Adelaide. Is it nice? Whats the weather and beaches like? Is it family friendly with lots for tots and small children to do? Is it possible to live a simple, non extravagant life, on just one wage?

      So many questions sorry!!!

      I did a some youtube searching and then read each posting about each clip and there were some people saying Adelaide is boring, and that 'world class beaches' is just a complete overstatement!!!

      Also, I doubt very much that we could afford to go over to for a reccie, as all our cash is in the house. Is that a bad decision to make though?

      I dont know what to think- I just know that I sooo want out of the UK and to be somewhere where my children can be happy and safe with lots of fun and where life is that bit simpler and safer...just a nice life!!! :)

      If anyone can help me with any of my queries it really would be greatly appreciated! Thank you x
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      Hi welcome to pia. We have only been here about 10 days and are finding it fine. The beaches are amazing and every one is extremly pleasent and understanding. Our youngest is 2 1/2 and there seems to be quite a lot for her 2 do. Everywhere you go their are play parks and I have seen quite a few indoor play areas. The librarys do song times and story times and I've found all that in 10 days so I'm sure there will be more. Good luck with your decision.

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      hi we went over last year we 3 kids age 8 ,5 and 1 we foung adelaide a great place we went to melbourne as well and much prefered adelaide it's just not as hetic i feel more comfortable getting around with the kids plenty for them to do and the beaches are lovely i mean you can go in the sea the sand is clean the people are friendly very different from the uk.
      nearly every where we went people spoke to us or the children and wanted to know when we were coming back to live
      most things are personal choice but i think you have to be prepared to do things you might not normally do in order to make friend and get to know things
      best of luck dina

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      I dont know what to think- I just know that I sooo want out of the UK and to be somewhere where my children can be happy and safe with lots of fun and where life is that bit simpler and safer...just a nice life!!! :)[/quote]

      Welcome to PIA.
      If you're not sure about Adelaide then I would suggest a visit. Everyone on here will tell you that Adelaide is a great place to live.
      We have a 136 visa so sorry I can't help there but I'm sure someone will be able to give you more advice.
      Good luck with your plans

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      Hi, don't know how much this will help but here goes anyway.

      We are going to Adelaide on a state sponsored visa - it's a three year temporary visa. We could have opted to get a permanent visa for Tasmania - that would have been state sponsored too, but permanent. We chose to go to Adelaide because it seems more like where we want to be - we're not living in a big city at the moment, so won't miss any bright lights Adelaide may (or may not be!) lacking. Like you say the temporary bit of it is a bit scary, but my guess is that if you're able to support yourselves once you're there they have no reason not to let you have a permanent visa. You can apply for this once you've been living there for two years and working there for 1 year.

      We've done the TRA bit, the State Sponsorship bit and have now sent off for our visa, so are settling down for the long wait.

      Have a look on www.domain.com.au for examples of houses being sold now/available to rent to see what kinds of prices you would be looking at.

      Best of luck with your research.

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      Welcome to PIA.

      Don't let the word provisional scare you. If you stick to the terms of the visa there is no reason why you can't get permanent residence.
      As for finding out about Adelaide have a look at www.adelaidebound.com you will find lots of info and loads of links to keep you busy for weeks.

      Good luck


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      Hi, we have just joined. allan and I have decided on Adelaide as it sounds moer like our kind of place. We haven't been and plan a reccie next year. Al has just passed his TRA. He is scared of the english test so decided to go for state sponsorship. Our agent has not said anything about it being a temporary visa. Does SA only grant temporary sponsored visa's or does it depend on your trade.

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      Hi, As said by all Adelaide is a very nice and welcoming place to emigrate to. Your only problem is that you are hoping to live on one wage. This i feel would be hard unless you feel you have enough money in your current home to come over and be mortgage free. If you were on a permenent visa you would get support ( rent allowance and family allowances etc...) I don't think you get this on a temp , and child care is soooo expensive here so its not worth part time work sometimes.
      Good luck.

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      But it is possible to live on one wage, if you live within your means and don't expect to buy a house that needs a big mortgage. If you have enough money to tide you over until you can apply for permanent residency, then it would only be a couple of years, then things would become easier. There are lots of things to do here that are free, beaches, skate parks , bike trails, parks and it's easier to cut your cloth to suit your budget when your kids are little, cos they don't know any different. I guess you have to look at the big picture and where you want to end up, rather than the immediate problems you may encounter on the way. Plenty of migrants have come here with nothing much and made a life for themselves.

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      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.

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      Rachiegarlo, I totally agree with you!

      We hadn't been to Adelaide until arriving just over a year ago. In the UK we lived in a rapidly expanding market town which had had no changes in the roads/ facilities ande yet the housing had almost doubled. It was sooooo crowded and congested, we hated it. We were in Oxfordshire so due to its proximity to London we were paying through the nose for just about everything. We were making ends meet by both working full time as teachers, lived in a house that we couldn't afford to fix up and life was miserable. We felt guilty for not being able to do much with the kids except picnics etc.

      We got here and of course we would have loved to live mrotgage free but it wasn't going to happen unless we lived so far away from the city to make it difficult to reach it. We felt we needed to be within 35mins of city in order to have max job opportunities, especially as I am a high school teacher.

      We found a nice house that suits us. It isn't as big as we had talked about having and needs some work to bring it into the 21st century. BUT it is affordable. We can pay the mortgage, still don't live extravagantly but then no-one does really in my circle. Most socialising is done as a family round a barbie or a dinner table with the kids running riot round your feet and we love it. We didn't have kids so other people could spend more time with them than we do.

      As for Adelaide, well it has a sprawled out design and everyhting seems move slowly because of the sense of space that there is. We live 25m out of the city and this location is great. It doesn't have the same mention as other suburbs but our spot is great. It cost less than other suburbs nearby and it is still going to be about budgeting to within an inch of your life. The dream is great, but it isn't a dream, it is real life on the other side of the world.

      If you can afford to do a reccie, go for it. But if you can't, well, give Adelaide a go. You won't know what might have been unless you try it. And if it does go wrong, you will still have taught your children that sometimes you just have to try something to know if it will work or not.

      If there is any more help we can offer, please just ask.



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