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      What fantastic news. Wish you all the luck in the world. We are still in the early stages and nowhere near putting our house on the market yet. Good luck with the sale, I've got everything crossed for you.

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      hi jane and tony we have just got ours aswell we have to be gone by feb09 same boat as you re;house we are going to rent ours if we cant sell. The job situation is quite good in ad ny oh is a plasterer and has been offered lots of work its the skills they need, good luck with the house.

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      hi there noticed that you are in adelaide already and have a six year old our two are six and we are going in jan, want to pick your brains really, which area are you living in and have you checked out the schools this is my major concern! im in the panic stage as we havent got that long to go everything goes round in your mind! look forwaed to hearing from you.


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