Hi members,

may some of the experts here enlighten me please regarding translations of documents for the citizenship application.

If I remember correctly it has to be a NAATI translation of documents for the citizenship interview in order to be accepted within Australia as we come from a non-English speaking country. Yesterday I read through the hard copy of the citizenship application and it stated clearly that only NAATI translations are accepted!

When we applied for our PR visa back in 2011 is was totally fine to just have everything translated from an accredited translator as it was much cheaper and accepted by Immigration because we applied outside of Australia. This translator was a NAATI one actually but 'warned' us that she'd take 30 Euros or so extra for each NAATI stamp!

I was just wondering if we have to obtain new translations of our original birth certificates again, this time NAATI ones?
If yes, that'll be 'fun', an expensive exercise. If no, would make sense, as for PR it was fine with the accredited translation.