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      Visa info for year 07-08

      Hi Guys
      We have had our meds and p/c's done and have just been waiting on that visa for 2months now and have just received this letter from our agent and thought that those of you in the same situation may be interested to read this

      At the moment I’m afraid I have had no further news from DIAC and in general they are not providing information for most applications lodged with them at the moment and we have not had a visa granted in a few weeks.

      Nothing official has been said, however we have heard rumour that DIAC has allocated/approved their assigned quota of skilled visas for the 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008 ‘migration year’ and will therefore only be granting visas again after 1 July 2008 – this means that any skilled visa applications on their files at the moment which have already been finalized and ‘approved’ will only be granted in at least 3 weeks time after 1 July.

      There are a few applicants sitting in the same situation who have already completed their requested medicals and police checks and who are now waiting in further news. It is frustrating that DIAC themselves have not kept the industry informed, however we do know that the Australian government has added an additional 31000 skilled migrants to the 2008-09 migration program.

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      I must say I can see one pro in this. Firstly though, I really sympathise we those waiting. It must be time and you finding yourself in limbo must be hell. 4 weeks or so untill things get moving again though. Keep the faith and work on selling the house.
      The only positive thing is that it is nice knowing that we are moving to a country that do not only have guidelines for immigrants but also sticks to them. If this country controlled their borders as well as Oz does then some of us my well not have thought about migrating ourselves.

      Lets hope they are still processing and granting everyone ready for the emails to be sent on mass come the 1st.


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      It's odd, I asked our agent this very question last week and was told that no, it was unlikely that the end of the Australian financial year didn't usually have any bearing on the visa processing queue. Jut goes to show.
      Oh well - even if this is only a rumour - roll on 1st July - may as well write off June now as well and not spend the next 3 weeks waiting for the 'call'
      1st July is our wedding anniversary, a visa would be a perfect prezzie

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      IS THIS TRUE ????

      If so they should let us all know !!


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