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      I would imagine that yours would be the easiest option - like I said for nurses it is pretty straightforward and the skills assessment is basically collecting information, not writing essays on how things are carried out (whick a lot of folks have to). Bear in mind that even if you use an agent, in the majority of cases you have to collect all the information and fill all the forms in - they are just checking that things are done correctly. As nurses we are filling in forms on a daily basis - it's nothing more difficult than what you would do at work.

      Download them and have a look - (think what you could do in Oz with the money that you pay to an agent too!)

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      All the information application forms etc are on the website austrailan house visas.

      Also if you are doing it yourself and you have any questions you just email them and will than get a response.

      Agents are very good if you are not organised and need pushing to complete forms for deadlines.

      However, the price of using an agent is a lot of money just to fill in forms unless you have a complicated case and than it may be worth it.

      We had a completed case and managed to apply for the visa and discuss things via the internet. When we were applying for our visa they wanted an up to date report off a specilaist and we discussed this with them stating this specialist will only base his information on what has already been sent.

      This email saved us 350 and also all the inconvience of attending the specialist going throught the details and than sending off the report.

      I feel an agency would not have the experience or understanding to question immigration unless they are specialist in the medical field.

      You can always start applying for the visa than if you get into difficulty go with an agent

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      thanks all who posted ....think we r gonna do it ourselves to begin with as want to save as much money as poss.....have looked into it in depth now and have a pretty good idea of what to do....anyway if i get stuck there is always you guys on here to help me....heehee every1 has been really helpful and i appreciate all who took the time to reply to my post...;)


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