i m just new in this group and need help to apply for 887 visa as i have completed 2 years under 489 visa condition.

my apology as my queries are quite lengthy but as follows,

1. Do i need to submit overseas police clearance in accordance with character requirements though I and/or any secondary applicant have not spent time overseas more than 3 months.

2. has anyone submitted employment reference letter that includes detail as per requirement of immigration like nature of employment ( fulltime, casual, , salary and employment period.

with regards to employment condition that requires 35 hrs/ week , what information and document requires in case of 3 different various employment which fulfilled 35 hrs/ week condition

for example,

first scenario, I worked for one company from july-2011 to may-2015 and i got 489 on Feb-2014.
second scenario, my second part time job as first one was not full time as my hours mostly 32 hrs / week and sometimes 38 hrs /week only

Can i submit last 52 payslips. From this 52 payslips consists of 12 payslips from last employment which and 40 payslips from current employment.

I really appreciate your time to read my post and reply,

thanks in advance,