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    Thread: Would you still emigrate?

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      Old Ken need to chill out then. Hope I get a medal one day.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sylvian View Post
      Yes and no Blossom - depends where you want to live in Cambridge and whether or not you ever want to go out!

      A three bed semi in a decent central Cambridge road could easily cost you AU$1.4m. In our village, which is several miles outside the centre, a three bed detached without garden is around AU$1.6m. It often takes an hour to drive from one side of the city to the other (less than 10 miles) and a normal train ticket to London might set you back AU$200 if you're not careful. A meal out for two at a local pub is AU$80 and a pint of beer AU$9.

      If you want a decent 3-bed house in a decent area with a decent school and an outgoing lifestyle, you are looking at a minimum of AU$1m for your house and an income of AU$100,000 p.a.

      Trust me, cheap it is not!

      I don't know how I missed checking back on this thread. I should have said Cambridgeshire rather than Cambridge itself (I come from about 8 miles out). I don't want to live in any city. ;-)
      Yes the house prices are high, but I could get much better wages there. I can't afford to buy a house here either, so I'd be no worse off.

      I drive an hour to and from work here, which is far worse than when I could walk five minutes to work at my last job in Cambridgeshire. My rent was less than here, although I'm sure that will have changed.
      I certainly never paid anywhere near that for a train ticket, even first class from Manchester. However, if you want to go to another city from Adelaide you are looking at at least that.
      Meals out, that totally depends on where you go. You can find cheap or expensive places in both places.
      As I said, my standard of living here is not as good as it was in Cambridge. That's all the proof I need.
      Is a mummy!

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      Quote Originally Posted by KennyKen View Post
      Well starting your post with. Is it that bad? Pissed me off! It's like where on here preaching bull ****! I've struggled my ass off in the construction game. I hate when people try telling you different. BTW RAH is finished or 99% complete I was there for nearly year and half!!! The Seaford housing construction is around 30 house's at a time hardly extravagant
      I was making a point if you read my comments through you will see I do say do your homework !
      I think your frustration over your own situation comes across as others being wrong when others may find their situation totally different from yours
      please don't put words into my mouth because your obviously unhappy
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      A number of posts in this thread have been removed as per the forum rules regarding personal attacks, name calling and so on.

      Please keep it decent.

      Now, lets get back on track please :)


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