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      Processing times - getting longer

      Hi Guys - don't want to be alarmist or a bringer of bad news but has anyone else got any information on this one.

      We've just received an e-mail from our agent sayint that they have had no commumication from DIAC in two weeks - other agents confirm the same. There is a strong rumour, but it is not confirmed, that DIAC has now allocated all their General Skilled Visas for the financial year 2007/08 and they assume that after the 1st July things will start to flow again. That means that processing is now going to take another month longer - so 10-11 months all together. They suggest that we now wait until asked to do medicals and police checks.

      Anybody else heard anything?

      Worried Wendy

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      Hi Wendy

      I have seen that same rumor on another site. We are worried now because we have done our medicals and police checks at the end of May. We applied for visa in March so hope they dont expire.

      I've just seen a post on another site from an agent who states they have contacted a senior member at DIAC who advised they are still granting visas but slowly because they have nearly filled the quota for 2007/2008.

      Roll on 1st July so they can wize through and grant lots.


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      Hi Wendy
      I posted a thread on this a few days ago as we got an email from our agent saying exactly the same thing.
      We applied last August and still have not got our's

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      Allan collett - big boss of Go matilda has said he spoke to a senior official at DIAC and said this wasn't the case - just too many applicants and not enough staff!!!
      Sorry I know this doesn't help you guys.
      Keep the faith - it will be here soon


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